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When you have a wiry beard what beard oil do you reach for?

Well let me tell you a little bit about Rugged Care Products, and their Organic Beard Oil.

Rugged Care Products is a Marietta, Georgia based company with all the intentions of creating products with all natural, all organic ingredients. One product with an outstanding smell, and wonderful feel when applied to the face is Manly Man & Lake Life Beard Oil. Manly Man Beard OilManly Man is an outdoorsy, woodsy fragrance that ladies seems to love, while Lake Life on the other hand is a citrus rush Rugged-Care-LakeLife-Beard-Oil-Labelthat activates your olfactory receptors.

Hand made from quality ingredients that work not only on the surface, but beneath the surface as well. When applied you hydrate the hair, as well as the follicles under the skin. With its blends of organic cold pressed oils like jojoba oil that help to clean out dirt from within your pores, its also loaded with the super fruit(coconut) coconut oil that is well know around the world for its healing properties.

You may have asked yourself before, “whats the best beard oil”, well let me tell you hands down Rugged Care Products is my number one go to brand when it comes to beard oil.

Head on over to now and pick you up some of the finest hand made oils on the market.

Dont worry, no beard? Rugged Care Products also has some of the finest chapstick available to date! As well as other natural organic products for your hair & skin. So pick you up some today!


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