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Rugged Care Products Launches A Full Line Of New Hair Care, Skin Care & Beard Care Products

Here at Rugged Care Products we focus on all natural ingredients and ensure that all of our products are only comprised from organic essential oils and extracts. Whereas bigger corporations would like you to think that all natural solutions are ineffective, too highly priced or just difficult to find; Our company has arrived to disprove all of these myths.

Even the companies that claim they are good for you can turn out to be slightly deceiving as they contain chemicals such as linalool, limonene, and geraniol for flavoring.

While these are natural extracts that add an element of flavor they’re also widely known as a natural skin irritant. So why would you want that on your lips?!

One of the finest products to date offered by Rugged Care Products are their organic beard oils.


Organic Beard oil is beneficial in many ways; for example, it hydrates the skin beneath and also helps to soften the facial hair.

Founder and CEO Jon McKay started making Rugged Care Products as a personal product for his own use. (As you may have noticed from the iconic Rugged Care Products logo, he has a pretty serious beard to manage.) However as more and more positive feedback started to pour in about the smell and feel of his beard oil, he decided why not share his organic beard oil recipe with the world?

The beard oil, which is typically applied right after a man has finished showering, also helps to reduce skin flakes and comes in a variety of attractive scents.

Rugged-Care-Lake-Life-Beard-Oil-WebThe original scent offered by Rugged Care Products, “Lake Life” Beard Oil immediately captivates your sense of smell with its lemon-lime like intoxicating blend and then the touches of orange and grapefruit come into effect leaving you (and hopefully your next girlfriend) sticking around for one more encapsulating whiff. Lake Life beard oil should definitely be a part of everyones self care collection.

Rugged-Care-Manly-Man-Beard-Oil-Open-Dropper-WebIf the tropical persuasion isn’t your thing then perhaps the outdoorsy “Manly Man” Beard Oil fragrance by Rugged Care Products is more your speed. With a unique “je ne sais quoi” quality to it the best I can do to describe this product is tell you to imagine somehow there were an offspring between Chuck Norris and Mike Tyson! I could also add in that this fragrance has hints of cedar and pine wood since that may help too.



According to Dr. David Bank, M.D., Founder and Director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery,

Your skin heals better when it’s kept moist. Thus, a good organic chapstick can help seal up any cracks on chapped lips and prevent infection as well as further irritation.

Whether the harsh summer sun or the piercing winter winds are the reason, when the seasons change one of the first needs tends to be lip balm. Rugged Care Products Organic Chapstick & Lip Balm isn’t just a useful lip repair commodity though, regular use believe it or not, makes your lipstick look much better when applied to a moisturized mouth. Bright lipstick in particular can settle into cracks on chapped lips and accentuate the dryness.

As for those of us who aren’t going to be reaching for our lipstick anytime soon, this doesn’t exclude you from being able to receive the benefits of our quality organic chapsticks & lip balms.

Rugged-Care-Products-Chapstick-Raw-Side-View-Open-WebRugged Care Products “Raw” organic chapstick is guaranteed to have your lips feeling well nourished so you’re always ready for that oh so special first kiss. (You’ll also be ready for any other kisses that may ensue.) “Raw” is our companies stripped down to the basics natural lip balm but with options such as lemon-lime (“Lake Life”) and “Peppermint Experiment”– self explanatory– there are also options for those who want more than just excellent lip nourishment.
Rugged-Care-Bug-RepellentAlready offering a wide range of quality self care products such as; lip balm, beard oil, beard wax, hair care, bug repellent, soap and more; Rugged Care Products has pledged to steadily expand and offer more quality organic products in order to help phase out unnecessary chemicals from your day to day life. All natural, all organic, high quality nourishment; something we could all use a little more of.

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