The Undefined Benefits And Cures Of Marijuana

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I Know, Marijuana “It’s Illegal”, But Did You Know That It Contains A Multitude of Healing Properties?

Instead of criticizing marijuana how bout take a moment, sit back, and read this article, and learn a little bit about what you’re missing. We all know marijuana for its recreational use, and of course that’s the main use people associate cannabis with these days. But little did you know, there are other ways to use it such as medicinally.

While some people like to use items such as glass bowls, bongs, papers, or even cigar wraps aka “blunt wraps” to consume marijuana, recreational use is not the only means for it. Marijuana Bowl | HerbalHelingSystem.comMarijuana contains two vital components, one which is Delta 9 THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), and the other is CBD(cannabidiol). Back in 1988 Allyn Howlett suggested that THC binds to receptors in the brain, the idea struck the interest of the National Institutes Of Health, and years later they have actually confirmed this theory to be true. The receptors that bind with THC & CBD are found in the brain, and immune system, these receptors are called CB1 & CB2 receptors. While CB1 receptors are only found in the brain, CB1 & CB2 receptors are both found in our immune system. The THC & CBD  both bind these receptors on a molecular level, in terms causes a series of reaction to take effect.

I Bet You Didn’t Know Your Own Body Produces A Form of THC?

Yeah that’s right, your body has it’s very own endocannabinoid system that actually creates 2 chemicals that activate our cannabinoid receptors.Marijuana Leaf |

One called Anandamide(AEA) and the other called 2-AG, these chemicals are natural molecular messenger molecules. One derives from a plant, while the other derives from your very own body, but yet they do the same thing. So technically if you think about it, you’re already getting the effects of marijuana on a natural level.

Did You Know Marijuana Can Cure Cancer? 

With so much disclosure on the subject, they lack to inform you on the health benefits this potent herb contains. Hidden from the public mainly due to the amazing healing properties within it, and the devastation it would cause on the big pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals treating for cancer this is one plant we should take into consideration. For decades we were all taught to believe the only way to cure cancer is to go to the doctor, and of course, cause how would anybody make money telling you to smoke a plant that you can grow in your own backyard? After years of negativity and plenty of research, cancer cells have been known to turn on itself, and die by cutting off the blood supply to itself with the use of marijuana.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, stated on record,
“It’s time for a medical marijuana revolution.”

Research is continuously being done on marijuana with some very promising hopes for new, and upcoming treatments for all sorts of cancer types. But with the government classifying marijuana as a criminal act, possessing, and researching the “illegal drug” is a criminal offense. For scientist to conduct research on marijuana, multiple federal departments have to approve the research, with it being scheduled as a narcotic, it’s very unlikely to be approved.

Suffering From Addiction?

Over the past decade studies have shown within the 13 states that legalized marijuana show a 25% drop in deaths caused by opiate overdose from painkillers. For years pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, both have lobbied against the legalization of cannabis to protect their profits, playing a big role in why marijuana is illegal.

The Centre for Addictions Research of BC conducted a survey, and in the survey it states

Substituting cannabis for one or more of alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription drugs was reported by 87% (n = 410) of respondents, with 80.3% reporting substitution for prescription drugs, 51.7% for alcohol, and 32.6% for illicit substances. Respondents who reported substituting cannabis for prescription drugs were more likely to report difficulty affording sufficient quantities of cannabis, and patients under 40 years of age were more likely to substitute cannabis for all three classes of substance than older patients.

With a price tag of $42 billion dollars annually, depression and anxiety disorders can become expensive. Addiction to pills such as xanx, which is prescribed to people with anxiety disorders have a very high addiction rate. Depression is another major part of our society that has a major effect on our community. Dealing with depression is a hard thing to do, but with a little natural cure it is possible that cannabinoids in marijuana can help treat the awfully gripping powers of our of situations.

How About Helping Your Kid With Seizures?

We know this is a touchy subject, when people hear of giving children marijuana they usually tend to be on the offense. But should you really be? Seizures in children are a very serious problem, with the recent studies on CBD people are finding out that CBD’s can actually be a great way to help with the seizures in kids. With this finding we are seeing more people on a daily basis turning to the use of medical marijuana for their children. CBD’s are playing a big part in saving the lives of our future children! Right now you might now like the idea, but please don’t look down on other who choose this method of healing. You never know until you’re in the situation with your child what you would choose in a dire situation.

Diabetes, Can It Really Help?

The answer… Yes, yes it can help with Diabetes!

Two out of three people diagnosed with diabetes will suffer from many complications, and/or die due to diabetes. With over 29 million people(about 10% of our population) diagnosed with diabetes in the U.S. researchers all around the country are look into medical marijuana as a treatment. For the body to process sugar into carbohydrates insulin is needed, insulin is a hormone that allows the breakdown of sugars. People with Type 1 diabetes suffer from a genetic disorder that stops the body from producing enough insulin. While on the other side of things, Type2 diabetes is a disorder that makes our body not produce insulin properly, usually triggering the pancreas to create too much insulin. Having to endure multiple injections each day doesn’t really sound that fun, but with the focus of several studies in the treatment of diabetes with the use of medical marijuana, injections might be a thing of the past… or at least less injections per day. If you have glaucoma(caused by diabetes) then you’re probably already prescribed medical marijuana, even though glaucoma is a progressive disease with no cure, marijuana can provide temporary relieve from constant pressure around the eye. When using marijuana for glaucoma people typically have to use it every 2 – 3 hours which makes doctors hesitant to prescribe it as a treatment, leading people who suffer to use it as a form of self medication due to the cures, and relief it provides.Marijuana Rolling Papers |

In Conclusion.

With more and more people seeking this alternative such as legalization in certain states, people illegally using it, or people relocating to legally use it, marijuana is becoming more of a normal, and not such a bad plant. Not only does it have it medicinal uses but this plant is creating jobs by the masses for our country, supporting families who previously were discriminated against for their marijuana use. Statistics provided by Denver government have proven the number of robberies and violent crimes significantly decreased since marijuana legalization went into effect.

Making over 3x the amount of money than Dasani, Marijuana is clearly showing that the united states should be utilizing this plant to help our country. By legalizing marijuana, and taxing it, we can in terms revitalize our failing economic system, with marijuana demolishing major corporations such as Digiorno, Oreo, PringlesTwizlers, Nabisco Wheat Thins, and Girl Scout Cookies in sales taxes paid annually with only a few states participating, it’s sad that people still to this day have a hate towards this amazing blessing. Below is a chart showing in context the amount of money this herb has made for the United States of America.

Marijuana Sales In Context
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Have a look at this video that sheds a little bit of visual light on the amount of money this single item has brought to our country in the past few years with the legalization in certain states.

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Make sure you get what you’re paying for

With the curing effects of marijuana that continue to astonish us, let us know what you think about the situation. Post your comments below, we love hearing from our viewer!

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